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How to fashion yourself with shirt dress?

How to fashion yourself with shirt dress?

What could be your best bet for summer dressings? Did you just think of shirt dress? Yeah we’re talking about the buttoned down, elongated version of shirt which if styled just right, can be pulled off with elegance. Need some tips for it? Go right on.

  • Simplicity at its best
  • Honestly they kind of look like you forgot to put on pants. However they give feel of being cool and chic. Wear thin layered necklaces or roll up your sleeves. Might as well try a hand bracelet. Basically wear it as a dress but don’t overdo it.
  • The belt or no-belt
  • Pair your shirt dress with belts at the waist. Look for thinner ones, they complement the dress perfectly. If you need heavy belted-look, then layer thin belts over each other. However if you’re looking for a sophisticated look, go unbelted. This way, it hides the mid-section and heavier thighs.
  • Compliment with the right footwear
  • Pair up your dress with the right fit and you have on your hand a complete looking dress code. Try out the ankle boots for a chic look or put on stilettos for glamorous look. Might as well try classic heeled summer slips-offs. Do you have the panache for unexpected, then go for the gladiator sandals to add the unexpected yet cool vibe?

See, as easy as it gets. Hover on with these styling tips and add that bit of magnificence on you. Keep in mind not to overdo it and your set to go. Try on, summer’s just round the corner.

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