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How to Pull of Leather Pants

How to Pull of Leather Pants

Leather pants are now every fashion forward person’s a new best friend. You’re immediately fascinated and know there’s something special in store. Today leather pants are available in a variety of shapes and features, you can now gofor something sporty, edgyor somewhere in between. Before you zero it on a pair, you must read through a few Do’s and Don’ts for styling the demeanor

  • Always go for a denim jacket. : When you are seeking a lightweight topper, select a contrasting fabric, goes without saying for those wary of a tuxedo, it’s a great denim jacket outfit pairing.
  • Never Slip into a matching leather jacket: Contrary to your dear denim-on-denim, this monochromatic look will have you look more like you are a part of a biker gang than the streets of your hometown.
  • For women, pair yours with feminine shades of pink and other pastel colors.The tough leather on the bottom gives you more leeway on top, without feeling too fussy.
  • Do not go for leather pants in those same pastel shades. In a very dark navy or maroon, colored pants could work, but hues far beyond that are better to be abandoned.
  • Reach for a blazer: It’s a pronounced tailored complement to your edgy leather pants choice. This style goes well with a jacket of the beige or black tuxedo variety.
  • Never wear this look to your workplace. It’s still not corporate enough for most offices.

Everyone loves skinny leather pants, but the material is a great way to dress up a more relaxed pant silhouette as well. Now you can tuck in everything from a classic light color T-shirt to a silk button-down for a next-level weekend look.

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