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Keeping up with the fashion with these poodle skirts

Keeping up with the fashion with these poodle skirts

A skirt coming into the light from 1950s of the American culture and has become a retro item to be worn now. The skirts get shorter according to the need of the hour but the band always stays. A poodle skirt is basically a swing skirt made with felt material and dipped into bright colors often such as hot pink or bright blue. This skirt has a design often said to be styled or arranged into like a poodle. In the beginning it had a poodle patch but later on got substituted with other designs changing according to the trend such as flowers or flamingos. It was also started off as a three by four skirt so the hemlines stayed till just the knee or below it a bit.

The skirt became popular among the young girls who were in their middle teenage years and young ladies who just finished their teenage years. Young ladies wore them at school functional dances and can also be worn as an everyday material. The design is very simply done and the raw materials that are needed to make this skirt are available at every corner. So the skirt is easy to make at home and not just restricted in buying it from a readymade apparel shop.

Various Types

As there are types and variants for everything these days, so is there for these felt skirts making their way into the fashion industry back again. From a varied range of vintage skirts to party skirts, these felt skirts are just good for every occasion. One of the good things about this skirt is that it can suit all sorts of accessories and outfits matches with it which not many of the women outfits have. These skirts are suitable for all age also, be it kids or grannies. These original vintage skirts have felt, wool and cotton for fabrics and are used to wear for school functional dances or even dates. The leash is of braid loops which makes it more comfortable. The other set of skirts are made with polyester with felt, fur and plaid cotton and are used to wear at occasions like costume parties. It is always kept below the knees and also the sequins are made with braid loops other than the previous skirt. Contemporary style of these skirts never goes out of fashion. They are made with cotton, satin, wool and felted polyester and worn to events like themed parties, costume parties, and 50s specials. It is not necessary for these skirts to be made with frills or waves, they can be made as pencil skirts with a poodle patch too.

Be it the musicals, dance, party or even a play, you can go hop anywhere with these easily fitting and fun to wear poodle skirts.

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