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The evolution of plaid skirts

The evolution of plaid skirts

Plaid Skirts was never a short term trend and always stayed in fashion, may be in different forms. So it is like a staple of sorts. Actually fashion has always revisited the past and the style of Plaid skirts has always been the favorite for old and young alike. Today we would like to do a synopsis of how, Plaid Skirts have evolved in the past centuries till the present. 67

Plaid was always there. In the later part of the fifties or especially in the sixties, Plaid was worn to exhibit sensuality by the adults and at the same time the teenagers looked pretty sweet. But the most noticeable was, it was worn mostly, with long socks which ran till the knees. To be more glamorous, some used high boots. The designs were mostly square or diamond checks, small and big. 70

The seventies saw the advent of longer plaid skirts which ran almost till the knees. They were mostly worn with tubular shaped boots. But the new innovation was the side pockets near the hip. Also pleated or pencil style was seen evolving. 42

In the nineties the plaids again became shorter, even from the seventies and were worn ‘high waist’. The teenagers were crazy about it. The top was mostly cropped or short. Long boots lost the trend and were replaced by short combat boots. The girls mostly preferred leather accessories.

In the 20k’s the plaids have become bolder for sure, but they have retained all the previous styles. There is this cheeky schoolgirl one or the little toned down peppy look, all types of previous plaids are used in combination.

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