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Rubber boots – maintenance and care

Rubber boots – maintenance and care

Rubber boots are widely used for both domestic and industrial purposes, to protect the foot from water, mud, snow, animal bites etc. So it’s obvious, that rubber is a very tough material. Its life can be extended if they are regularly cleaned and maintained and stored properly, when not in use.

Rubber Boot cleaning:     Cleaning should be performed first, to remove any dust, mud or grease. This will allow the conditioner, to evenly spread on the rubber surface. Wipe properly with a wet cloth. A mild detergent may be used in case of grease deposits followed by a rinsing with wet cloth. Dry the boots before proceeding further.

Conditioning:  Continuous usage and exposure to dry cold or sun, extracts the moisture in the rubber thus resulting in cracking and fading. To avoid this one must apply rubber conditioner every couple of months and also before storing it during off-season. Meguiers Mirror Glaze rubber and Vinyl conditioner or Zymol brand of conditioners are some good ones available in Ebay.

The conditioner should be applied evenly with a soft cloth, wipe away the excess. The conditioner will clean, penetrate and rejuvinate the rubber boots. It is advised to keep it for drying overnight.

Storage:        In the off season or when not in use, the boots should be stored in a covered shoe closet, to avoid shrinking and expanding, resulting in cracking. It may be wrapped with cling film to protect from moisture or dry weather. Boots should never be folded. Best way is to hang them or stand them upright.

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