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Showering with maternity: maternity dresses for baby showers

Showering with maternity: maternity dresses for baby showers

Finding the perfect dress for one’s maternity dresses for baby shower is an important task, as it is a very special and important day. When shopping for your perfect dress, look for one that exemplifies one’s personal style while still maintaining a high level of comfort. With the fall season in full swing, there are a plethora of new dresses to choose from. This season, bold patterns, ¾ length sleeves, and deep jewel tones are creating a splash. With such beautiful designs, there are a multitude of dresses available to meet your baby shower needs.

Bold patterns, both retro and tribal in nature, are very popular this fashion season and the maternity fashion world is right on trend. Several designers have designed gorgeous maternity dresses, perfect for baby showers, which are characterized by fun and funky patterns. Although bold, they remain elegant and classic. The high neck and long sleeves create an elegant look, and the black fabric along the hem pulls the look together. Pair it with black heels and pulled back hair, and you have a classic yet fun look, perfect for one’s baby shower.

Another gorgeous print dress is the new Scoop Neck Front Tie Dress from Maternal America. This stunning dress pairs a fitted black bodice with a striking geometric striped patterned skirt. With a mesh of magenta, gold, coral and purple laid against an elegant black, this dress is sure to make a splash. The adjustable front tie patterned sash creates a beautiful empire waist silhouette and will fit one throughout one’s pregnancy. From swirling patterns to geometric designs, a gorgeous patterned dress is a great option for one’s baby shower.

During the fall season, ¾ length sleeves are a fantastic style option, and are a look, which can work equally well on a beautiful baby shower dress. Three-quarter length sleeves add a bit of warmth while also adding a classic feel. With a ¾ length sleeve, a dress can work perfectly for a daytime or evening baby shower. One beautiful and unique option is the Embellished Bell Sleeve Tunic from Maternal America. This effortless dress flows gently over one’s baby bump, and the bell sleeves add a unique touch. With its beautiful detailing of gold and black embroidery around the neckline, it is a stunning option.

Pair it with gold or black flats for a daytime shower, or dress it up with a great pair of heels for the evening. The Knotted Dress, also from Maternal America, is another beautiful ¾ length sleeve option. With its soft pink fabric and a knotted twist at the bust, it is perfect for an outdoor shower. Both flattering and stylish, it looks great paired with strappy flats or heels. Three-quarter length sleeves exude a classy feeling, and with the cooling autumn months they make a great baby shower option.

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