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Women and fetish for sexy heels

Women and fetish for sexy heels

Women and the shoes are a known fact. Women the world over love shoes and it can vary from flats to heels. Women love to have a closet full of shoes. In all of this the most important one is the sexy heels. Shoes are not something which we wear only for covering your feet, this is part of the style. Different shoes would give you different looks like a source of sexual independence. Many women are obsessed with the buying of shoes. It is important that people go ahead and keep the right shoes handy. This has been more than glamorized by different celebrities.

Sex and the city and the sexy heels

Series like sex and the city have become an epitome for style. Women all over the world want to have the same perks like Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. This includes a full closet of sexy heels. There are different shoes in the show and the most talked about are the Manolo Blahnik’s, Many episodes have figured around the shoe and in the movie you can even see that MR Big actually gives her one room for only her shoes. Well that is what is called as true love and we cannot deny it.

Why are shoes famous?

There are many reasons why the shoes have become famous the biggest one being that women love to look like the screen goddesses and so they would emulate the different styles to make them close to being like the people they see on the screen. You see images of celebrities all over the world looking gorgeous in the clothes they wear and the different aspects. However some of the most painful part is that, wearing these shoes doesn’t guarantee comfort, they can be quite painful even. However women endure all of this to look and feel beautiful.

The reasons for wearing sexy heels

The variety which is available for women’s footwear is incomparable with all the different ones available. This is why you should see that women would try and buy items in every shape and size. The styles that you see in the women’s footwear are quite different and you would be able to see that women love the look of the different shoes with different clothes. It helps to make the look of the dress become different. The biggest reason why women have more shoes is that they need to alternate between heels and flats and to be able to do that they need a collection which matches all the different aspects. This is where the biggest aspect comes into picture.

Choose from a list of different shoes which are available and you can look very beautiful and feel comfortable.

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