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Sleep with comfort – pajamas for women

Sleep with comfort – pajamas for women

Pajamas have a loose fitting that are mostly preferred by women for sleeping comfortably. Pajamas are suitable for men, women and kids to wear for sleep. They are available in different designs, colors, fabric and sizes. Floral prints are mostly preferred for women pajamas.  Depending upon the climate, sleeping habits and preference one can select the best pajamas for women.

Types of pajamas for women

  • Traditional pajamas: They are normally made from cotton paired with a shirt with long sleeves. These look similar to men pajamas.
  • Contemporary pajamas: They have a short sleeve top paired with shorts. These are the most preferred style among women.
  • Daywear pajamas: They are casual type of sleepwear that offers better comfort. They can be worn during the daytime too.
  • Seasonal pajamas: Summer pajamas are breathable, lightweight and comfortable and suitable for summer months. Winter pajamas are made from thick fabric to provide warmth and protection from cold.

Fabric options for pajamas for women

  • Cotton: Cotton is the best fabric for summer. They are easy to clean and also very soft and comfortable on the body.
  • Polyester: These are comfortable, less expensive and long lasting. They are suitable for all types of weather.
  • Silk: It is expensive, luxurious, comfortable and soft. They are very lightweight and delicate too.
  • Satin: Satin is a less expensive material. It is suitable for colder months.

Tips for buying women pajamas

  • Check the measurements before buying.
  • Consider the material of the pajamas after taking into account different factors like climate, preference etc.
  • Try the pajamas before buying them.

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