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Bandeau dress: a dress with a strip of cloth

Bandeau dress: a dress with a strip of cloth

Bandeau dress is a kind of a dress that comprises of a strip of cloth that is wrapped around the body to cover. Bandeau is a French word which means bandeau dress  is also a French dress. It is a dress that wraps around the breast of the woman and are now very frequently used a garment in the sports or as swim wear. Hence it has become the top part in the formal wear too. Now people even carry it as a top wear with the skirts or pants.

It somewhat resembles tube top. The only difference lies, on the basis of being narrow. The bandeau dress is more narrow than the tube top. Bandeau dress only covers the breast portion whereas tube top covers half of the stomach too.bandeau dresses are not only strapless but are sleeveless and off shoulder too. It is normally made up of some elastic fabric so that it sticks back to the body and does not slip down. If not, then it hooks on the back or pinned and knot is used to tie it up.

This kind of dress is the most seductive and explosive dress. Carrying such a dress requires confidence to a greater amount as the risk of wardrobe malfunctioning is on the higher end with such dresses. It is related to a garment named as torsolette, bustier and corset. When it comes with a shoulder strap, then it is known as brassiere and a bandeau that comes with a strap at the neck is known as a halter.

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