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Turning out in sweater dresses

Turning out in sweater dresses

Days of having a pullover sweater on another top are gradually fading out for ladies. Having SWEATER DRESSES on, keep the cold away as warmth is provided. As they can be worn alone, so can one consolidate them with yoga pants? They vary in the types of neckline (turtleneck, round neck, V-neck…) and the length of the dress [either to the thigh or all the way down to the ankle]. The ones that rest around the thigh area or the knees, are the most common. These sets of dresses are usually worn as casual wears but designers have now broken that limit as we now see celebrities turning out in style [and creating a semi-formal treat] in SWEATER DRESSES during winter. They also be used during fall.


The coinage might be new but the founding idea could be traced back to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper who publicized the wearing of oversized sweaters and this was as early as 1984. So, what we have today is just ‘twitch’ of past idea: reviving the old, you may say!


The adaptability of SWEATER DRESSES makes different combinations possible. Winter is not enough to keep fashion ‘frozen’:

  • You could have a thigh length SWEATER DRESS on a skinny pant with a jacket to top it all. Do not forget the heels.
  • Go with a combination of sweater dress and a knee-strapped high heel: that should give you a ‘sexy’ feel.
  • You can combine SWEATER DRESSES with either a skirt, jean trousers or even leggings…

So much option for you with a sweater dress.

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