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Style up your business suit

Style up your business suit

What is the first thing that comes up your mind when you think of business suit? Professional, right? Wrong, it does not always mean professional, the business suit can be worn for a wedding also. The suits are quite fashionable to wear.

There are types of suits that you may for sure want to have in your closet. Maybe not all, but at least one should be there in your closet hanging. From the classy professional look to the trendy look here are a few types of Business suit you would definitely say yes to.

1)    Summer weight:This business suit allows you stay cool during summers. Suits can be a little warm because of the layers and the cloth that has been used to make it. If you want to look classy and feel cool at the same time, then try the summer weight suit. They are available in white only. The summer weight will keep you fresh and go all day without a sweat.

2)    The three-piece:The three piece consists of trousers, blazer and a vest. Most of the men prefer a three-piece over a two piece because of the bulkiness that the vest brings out at the waist, but those looking for a slimmer and tight fitting suit they would go for two-piece instead of a three-piece suit. The vest does look really nice and elegant.

3)    Traveller tailored fit:These suits are body hugging and slim. The trouser has little rise from below and it’s totally wrinkle free, so not much work put into it.

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