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The best choice for men’s shoes

The best choice for men’s shoes

How do i find the perfect shoe that will last? It’s a question most men ask when at crossroads of choosing a nice shoe to wear. For ladies what mostly matters is the beauty of a shoe but for men its durability. So what factors should one consider when choosing the right shoe to wear? I will highlight a few point to observe when choosing men’s shoes.

The first point is material. A shoe’s lifespan generally depends on the material it’s made of. When it comes to this, leather is the best choice for durability though it might be still challenging for there are several types of leathers, which should one choose? The types of leather narrow down to two main categories; full grain leather and corrected leather. Full grain has been minimal treated and the surface is quite rough, it’s the best choice as it ages well developing a natural pattern but it’s quite costly as compared to other materials. The other type is corrected leather. This kind has been removed imperfections and though it have nice looks, it will quickly peel off and crease after a while.

Something else to consider when choosing men’s shoes is the construction which generally refers to how the shoe is attached to the sole. There are two common ways. The first is the good year welted which is the best choice where the shoe is stitched to the sole while the other is cemented where its glued using adhesives. The latter is inferior and the shoes will only last a few months. So take keen note when choosing the right shoe and ensure to pick out one that is durable.

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