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Golden goose sneakers-an iconic footwear

Golden goose sneakers-an iconic footwear

Golden Goose Sneakers is an Italian brand of footwear that originated in 2000 and later gained a lot of popularity in this fashion world and became one of the top luxury brands not only in Italy but all over the world. Since then the golden goose vintage style sneakers and leather boots have become symbolic of high quality Italian manufacturing where attention is given to all the details.

Golden goose sneakers come in a wide range of designs, patterns and colors for both men and women. They come either in neutral colors like white, beige and black or in bright colors with suede appliqués of a star in neon colors. They often come with shining metallic bumper sole that gleam up a street smart style shoe. All shoes are laced on the top with rubber soles for greater comfort. A white leather shoe with round toe and textured lining will look perfect if worn with skinny jeans. Certain designs of the golden goose sneakers are accented with suede and have a distressed midsole and the logo detailing can be seen on all the shoes. Some have a zipped side along with the top lace front. Some sneakers come in very attractive colors like metallic blue, a combination of yellow on blue or a red and white. The best feature of these shoes is that besides being immensely comfortable they are durable too. Most of these sneakers are made of 100 % leather with a two cm rubber sole.

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