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The best way to decide on a waterproof jacket

The best way to decide on a waterproof jacket

Waterproof jackets are often the common norms when the rainy season is around the corner or in full-swing mood. That’s not to say you can’t wear them when rains not around. They do cover against the snow too and preferably useful for hiking in snow-covered regions.

So how could you decide the best waterproof jacket in the market well littered with these pieces? We here outline the best way to decide on them.

  • Look for the making-material
  • Waterproof jackets are made from a large range of materials like natural or synthetic fabrics coated with rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fluoro-polymers, wax and more. Decide on which fabric would suit you up the best.
  • Look for breathability
  • Generally waterproof jackets come with breathability options although some exceptions remain. Look for the ones with the breathability membranes and added ventilation panels. Or you may drench in sweat due to non-breathability of your jacket.
  • Look for the right fit
  • You won’t have to look for the tightly fitted ones. That theory doesn’t work here. Go for the ones that cover your arms and body fully to stop the dripping of water into your body.
  • Adjusted styling
  • Look for the jackets with the hood on as they tend to cover your head from drenching in rain. The chin-guards can prove valuable too. Furthermore, adjustable hem and cuffs can tightly snuggle to your body and add extra protection.
  • Price
  • Last but not the least, price should also be kept in check while going for waterproof jackets. If you’d be needing the jackets for light rains, you can settle down for a waterproof one rather than the highly-waterproof one as they tend to be on the higher curves of the price point. However for heavy raining, you’d definitely need the highly-waterproof ones.

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