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With a black jacket on; you should never go wrong

With a black jacket on; you should never go wrong

When you see ‘black’ and ‘jackets’ together here, it is not about some group of Turkish guys who sojourned to Germany in the mid-80s; it is down to fashion in here.

Most times when we hear the word ‘jacket’ our senses probably narrow down to men’s fashion but then there are jackets for women also- this line of thought is quite forgivable as the women do not seem to love wearing jacket as they cherish gowns in varying styles. Something worth of note is the fact that most women usually cherish their jackets ending somewhere above the waistline- some women may go for big ones though- while men’s jackets do not usually go beyond the thigh area.

There are many types of jacket or do I say coat [as Americans use the two interchangeably] but this article is not out to address the many types. Generally, jackets are ward off cold but they can do so yet fashionably. They can be used in a formal or casual setting- whichever style you go for, let confidence ooze out.

Why you will never go wrong in BLACK JACKET

The colour ‘black’ is rather ‘friendly’ with other colour hence it does not make for a hectic decision making session when choosing a colour of shirt to combine with a BLACK JACKET.

Nevertheless, for those who get so bored using a colour combination time again- like using black on white [world over, white is the colour that is commonly combined with black]- having a black jacket on an orange, navy blue, lilac or emerald coloured shirt- with a good trousers complement- will certainly do the trick.

Furthermore, black being the only colour that absorbs heat, might just make a BLACK JACKET the official garment for winter.

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