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The cozy and comfortable blanket cardigan

The cozy and comfortable blanket cardigan

Commonly a cardigan sweater is something which we button down or zip down in the front. This was one of the most worn pieces of sweater by the British, Irish and the French. These are made from wool and in most cases machine made; there are many pieces which are handmade as well. The evolution of a cardigan has been quite amazing and these days you would be able to find these are made from cotton, Rayon and even cashmere. The better the wool better the warmth which this cardigan provides. There are even cardigans now which can be worn for light cold and heavier ones which can be worn during stern winters.

Types of cardigans

There were initially only one type of cardigans which was buttoned down; after the zips were introduced you would be able to find ones which zip as well. There are different ways in which people have tried to change the way these cardigans work and so you would be able to find the different styles and shapes. One of the latest additions to this is the blanket cardigan. This is where the cardigan is buttoned down or zipped down, however it would have a free flowing form. The arms and the body of the sweater are not made. They are let like a shawl or a kaftan would look like.

The blanket cardigan

As we know that the blanket cardigan is one of the new additions to the way in which we keep warm. However this was a trend which was started around the 70’s where in the hippie culture liked the free flowing form and had different varieties of the woolen coverings. Many of which were not confined by a hard shape. They were left to the imagination of the person who was making it. There were different colors and shape with which people experimented giving the wearer a look of being care free.

Advantages of a blanket cardigan

The biggest advantage of the blanket cardigan is that it doesn’t have a free form. What this means is that anyone who wears this would not have a material clinging to their body. What this does is that it allows the wearer the freedom. In most cases this is the most confident wear for people who are heavier built. This would not stick to their body and they can have style at the same time keep warm.

There are different ways in which you would see these cardigans. What you choose is up to your taste. There are different styles which would suit different people, apart from that there are different colors as well. All of these combine to give you a very stylish and colorful winter.

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