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What to consider when making sport club dresses

What to consider when making sport club dresses

In some sports like volleyball, lawn tennis, female golf and some few ones, sport dresses are often used. Sport personalities like Venus and Serena Williams step unto the tennis court in smart dresses that tell even a novice: it’s a sporting day.

When taking the decision on which kit manufacturing company to go with, club executives must not be tempted by monetary terms alone; other criteria like which company among the bidders represent the club’s best interest and produces the best dress for the sport the club engages in.

Considering the physical activities involved in sports, priority must be given to player’s comfort and freedom of movement- CLUB DRESSES should not be tight and left to flow below the knees.


Although cotton, wool, polypropylene…are used for making CLUB DRESSES, the best fabrics to use are Lycra and Polyester.

Why Lycra and Polyester?

Sports being physical as it is, increase body heat when players move up and down. As such, the players require dresses that ensure thermal insulation and this is effectively attainable if one has the right dress on. This is where polyester and lycra come in:

ON LYCRA: this is most popular fabric for SPORT CLUB DRESSES. The material help the player to stay cool as it allows sweat to be transferred away from the player’s body. Lycra also allow great freedom of movement as it can be stretched.

ON POLYESTER: It is of plastic material and it does not allow sweat to remain on the player’s skin. This ensures a cooler ambience for the player.

The advantage that lycra has over polyester is that it promotes anti-bacterial activity while polyester [because of its synthetic nature] encourages bacterial activity.

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