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From history to modern days styling Dr Martens Boots

From history to modern days styling Dr Martens Boots

Dr.Martens boots were originally came in the year 1960s in Britain and since than almost whole world has transformed into something new. The story of Dr. Martens has emerged with the emerge f the rock and roll culture back in the time. And it is noticeable that many trends in music as well as in footwear came and gone during this long time period but the choice for Dr. Martens have not changed and it has been choice for everyone. The Dr. Martens were created because of the creator Klaus Martens wanted to create a boot that had an air cushioned sole.

Dr. Martens originally were most used and preferred as a working men’s boots but when Pete Townshend, wind milling guitarist used the boots that’s when it became a fashion statement.

And since then many famous name has started using Dr. Martens Boots as the part of their uniform. And with the passage of time, Dr. Martens have become more and more popular but the brand had its goals clear and it kept moving forward.

Dr. Martens Boots are made in England at the Cobb’s Lane factory and the production process which they use are completely traditional. They stores hides of good quality for one week’s supply at the factory. And from there the clicker cuts the single hide to create various component parts of boot’s upper pattern. The cut which were made by the Clicker are sent to skiver who splits key parts of leather with high accuracy. And after that the assembly process can be started. And in this assembly process they attach the very unique Dr. Martens Soles to the boots.

The very famous Air cushion sole in produced in that factory and that is made using a granular compound which is melted and filled in the mold. And after the soles have cooled down, they insert a comfort pad by hand. And after creating this sole the highly skilled workers join the upper and the soles.

Dr. Martens boots are available in various different design and choices. in which they have different types of shoes for women namely High boots, Lace high boots, lace low boots and low boots and such same boots are available for men as well. Dr. Martens also provide industrial boots range with safety standards considered well. The boots are available in various colour options. Dr. Martens exclusive range offers Biker Boots which have two types Garrick Boots and Faris Boots. So, for the best comfort and style Dr. Martens can be a good choice which is producing the boots for more than half century now.

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