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The wedding and the blue bridesmaid dresses

The wedding and the blue bridesmaid dresses

Blue is one color which is a guaranteed head turner at any wedding. Many people would opt for colors in pastels. These are some of the safest colors for a wedding. Now imagine having your bridesmaids in blue bridesmaid dresses? This would definitely be a head turner at any wedding. The best would be if you have a water based theme at your wedding. A pool side wedding would perfect when the bridesmaids are dressed in blue. Color blue is the color of water and is very refreshing to look at. It also calms down the people who look at this color. This also symbolizes harmony and balance in life.

Summer weddings and a blue bridesmaid dress

Summer weddings can be quite bright and imagine having to spend most of the time away from the sun. The whole atmosphere would be heated up and so adding bright colors to this would be quite difficult for your eyes. This is where the blue bridesmaid dresses come into picture. There are different shades of blue which you can choose from and the best would be the lighter shades like light blue or even the lighter turquoise blue. The look would be regal, elegant and even sophisticated. Keeping all of this in mind you wouldn’t forget being chic and even trendy. What is best is it even supports all the different skin tones which you can think of.

Type of blue bridesmaid dresses

The most important question would be what kind of blue dress you would choose from. There are as we know many variety of styles in the market, how would you make sure that you choose one which looks good and stylish and suits all your bridesmaids. You should choose the types of clothes and style very carefully and never forget the personality of the bridesmaids. It has been said that bridesmaid’s dresses are quite hideous to look at most of the time. This is because the attention should go to the bride and no one else. However many women do love their bridesmaids to be well dressed.

The most common thing of the dress is the simplicity. Imagine having a summer wedding and you have a silk dress that you make the bridesmaids wear. This however can be avoided by keeping in mind the weather around you. So for summer look at georgettes or chiffon. They would be a lot more appealing. In case the wedding is during winters you can look at silk as your fabric of choice. Same way the shades should also be varied based on the climate. Darker shades for winter and lighter for summer and you can even mix it with other colors to give it life.

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