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Turn on the style with a cool shirt

Turn on the style with a cool shirt

The world of fashion might arguably be predominantly made for the ladies but men cannot let it be- there is a hidden lump of fashion in everyone; it only needs to be unearthed. What you wear can relate two things: who you are and how you respond so, do not let what you give a wrong impression of you- turn on the style.

You might be on an official assignment; a night-out; a party; ball- whatever occasion it might be, do not allow the occasion overwhelm you, dress smart- go with a COOL SHIRT!

One of the worst things that can happen to a man while on the road is to have a wardrobe malfunction while on the go. Your shirt should not be too tight and it does not have to be saggy; it should make you relaxed and confident. You should not be so carried away by style alone- the shirt seam must be right for your body size.

And why should she be the only one with the shining on the night?

The night is not for competition of who dresses best but she would not want to see you not dressing occasion- she might remain silent about it but an impression is made already. When choosing a shirt for a night-out, go for one with a cool colour for the evening sky with a perfect seam for your body shape- a COOL SHIRT like that! Don’t keep her waiting.

It is lovely walking on the Caribbean beach [with the sun shining so bright] in a COOL SHIRT.

Stay cool!

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