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Ways to rock the ivory wedding dresses

Ways to rock the ivory wedding dresses

LETS GO WHITE! The wedding is the most special day of any women’s life, it’s a dream come true for you. Then why not make your day even for special, so when you get old and boast about the dress you wore and beautiful you felt on that special day of your life. The Ivory colour brings out the elegance in every dress and especially wedding dresses. Here are a few ways to rock the Ivory Wedding Dresses.

1)    Basque Waist

Feel like a princess on your special day with the Basque waist Ivory Wedding Dresses. The Basque waist goes down in a V shape and stops over the abdomen. The ivory colour is really pretty and with the medieval look, it looks a classy wedding dress paired with white heels and small tiara over the head to complete the princess look.

2)    Empire

The empire dress is simple and chic with the lace all over the dress. The ivory colour will definitely look the prettiest and bring out the brightness in a simple dress. The dress goes straight down to your foot and has an overlap of lace that drifts through the floor. Wear a Swarovski in your ear and your neck to look simple and the most beautiful bride of all time.

3)    Mermaid

The name itself describes the dress perfectly. It hugs the body from the top till the calf and flairs down below. The rhinestone contrasts the colour and makes the dress look even more attractive.

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