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Tweed Suits Retain Manly Aura of You

Tweed Suits Retain Manly Aura of You

You may find wearing tweed a bit old fashion and linked to some men of a not-so-attractive profession like college professors but this can be proved wrong if you look into the world of style and find many models and celebrities who choose tweed as their top choice in suits. Tweed suits are an elegant way to style up and look handsome. The rough fabric which was once looked as itchy and stodgy is able to create the right manly looks of you.

After the introduction of smooth, soft and classy fabrics for men’s suit, the unique aura of rough fabrics like tweed has increased in many folds. The world has realized that the toughness of this fabric is the real secret of sexy men’s looks. Tweed suits possess the vintage appeal of a smart businessman. The classic businessmen’s wear now comes in many different designs and styles. You choose what pleases you.

Not necessary that you go with a three piece tweed suit. This can be boring at times. Choose a waist coat and jacket in tweed fabric and match them with any pants that look complementing with the top. You can suffice with a tweed jacket only, too. But that needs a good sense of understanding matching colors and textures.

A good suit’s base is fabric. Tweed is a choice for suits that have strong effects on the suit when it is ready to be worn. If you choose light colors in dull shades like grey, brown, blue etc they will accentuate your looks more as the texture of fabric blows a new life in these shades while retaining their natural roughness.

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