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Top 3 vivienne westwood shoes

Top 3 vivienne westwood shoes

Well-known for her fashion creations, Vivienne Westwood started her career in the seventies. Vivienne Westwood shoes products catered to both, high-street at the same time to the wild and crazy catwalk industry. But today I will try to help you round up the three must-have VW shoes for enhancing your collection.

Rocking Horse Golf Shoes

These shoes, were first launched in 1988, are very distinctive in the sense, they have a wooden base or platform, almost 3 inches and have a frilled fringe like design, in front, in place of the lace strings. Wearing these gives one a very confident outlook, due to its raised platform. The wooden platform has a rubber grip, on the soles. The black color are the most popular ones, but they are available in many other colors, like royal blue, chocolate and red (with white stich) and pure white.

Super Elevated Platform Heels

This VW shoe was popular because sometime in 1993, Naomi Campbell seem to have fallen from this 5 inch platform shoe. The design is very distinctive because of its high heel of 9 inches and a platform of 5 inches, with a narrow, squared off toe. The leather is like crocodile skin and blue in color. The leather extends full platform and the heels. The upper has three pairs of piping of the same color, which hold the blue satin lace. There is a toe cap, made for same leather and extends till the bottom of the platform. Overall a excellent piece to attract attention from onlookers.

Melissa dragon lady anglomania shoes

These shoes are one of the most popular and thus most faked Vivienne Westwood shoes. They are mostly plastic jelly shoes with a moderate heel, which suits those who are already tall. They have a very iconic heart shaped decoration on the toe which is also called dragon heart and have a gold border. They come in variety of colors like yellow, light pink, red etc.

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