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The different designs of shirts for men

The different designs of shirts for men

On a wider scale and narrow-minded view, fashion might hastily be concluded to be a woman’s thing- the reason I know not- but I do know that men are also fashion-inclined though maybe not at the same level with the women.

Be it that proposed for a casual, semi-formal or formal function, SHIRTS FOR MEN come in various designs from regular fit to slim fit.


When it comes to choosing shirts, two sides are brought under scrutiny- the fashion side which borders on taste and body size.

SHIRTS FOR MEN could be trimmed to meet body size and bring out shape and they could also allow the flesh [and not the muscles] gain some freedom.


  • SLIM FIT: This is for the man who has a lean or ‘skinny’ body size. The slim fit shirt stay glued to the skin and looks cool when tucked out. This is the style most teenagers fancy. It could also be worn [tucked out] even with a tuxedo on in a semi-formal setting.
  • REGULAR FIT: This is the shirt style for the ‘plump’ body sized man. But regardless of the body size, some men might just go for the regular fit: this is the scenario found in Europe where men seem to cherish their body having some good freedom in the shirt. Plus, the average European man tends to be business minded most times. Moreover, the regular fit is the ideal shirt style for a man having a busy schedule.
  • CLASSIC OR RELAXED FIT: This style is for those who love to have it big. The classic fit is quite trendy among American men who probably want their flesh to get more air and breathe easy.
  • SUPER FITTED/SUPER SLIM FIT: Been to the gym of late and desire to flaunt the muscles without going utterly naked? Then what you need on, is a superfitted shirt which highlights your stature. If the slim fit glues to the skin, the superfitted goes a step further- it sticks out the muscles even without giving comfort away. Feed your eyes here: thomaspink.com/superslimfit_shirts/mens/fcp-category/list

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