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Skechers shoes: through the sporting zone to the street

Skechers shoes: through the sporting zone to the street


Skechers shoes as a company was founded by Robert Greenberg in the early 1990s. The company has it’s headquarter in Los Angeles, U.S.A and has branches in Brazil, Mexico, and China.

The company when compared with other brands might be seen as relatively young but according to Forbes reports, it is among the top five sport footwear brands in the world. It might also interest you to know that since 2011, SKECHERS SHOES have been experiencing [save for a drop in revenue in 2012] a steady growth rate worldwide.

SKECHERS SHOES cut across all ages and social class- from celebrities to sport personalities and trendy individuals.


  • The Chrome Dome Shoe: The Chrome Dome came to be in vogue in 1993. With a soft feel to it, this was the company’s breakout product. Whether on the sport field or in the street, the chrome dome was always good to go.
  • SKECHERS SHAPE-UPS WALKING SHOES: This set was designed to stimulate the muscles and give balance. The shoe’s sole is in three layers- a supporting midsole, shock absorbing kinetic wedge and an outsole.
  • SKECHERS GoRUN ULTRA: Packed in this piece, are features that enhance comfort, cushioning effect and durability. They also are designed with three-layered sole.

The outsole system allows unrestricted air and water flow. Its sight gives you a feel of an athlete’s haven being made.

  • THE SKECHERS GoWALK 2 (with ribbon): This has a charity and/or health conscious message attached to it as signified by the pink ribbon. It was created to raise and/or advance cancer awareness. This pair of shoes is quite light and airy

Whether it is a time-out with friends; an early morning workout or at the gym, SKECHERS SHOES turn on sportiness in you.

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