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What are parka coats?

What are parka coats?

Parka Coats are long, lined, extreme winter jackets, with hood often lined with faux fur. The hood protects the face ears and neck from chilly winds and falling snow. The Parkas, invented by the Inuit tribe, originally made from seal skin and used to protect themselves from the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, while hunting and kayaking. Some were even coated with fish oil to retain the waterproofing. But modern Parka coats have different ways to do this.

There are different types of Parka coats, which are insulated differently to suit different levels of comfort in freezing cold. Some have storm flaps while some have hoods.  27

Ribbed Down-filled Parka: These are filled with down fibers and appear puffy, sewen regularly forming horizontal ribs all along the jacket. The outer material is a water repellent.

Trench coats: These are normally body fitted and runs till the knee, to protect the legs from icy wind and snow. Some even comes with a belt to seal the wind reaching the upper body.

Windcheater Parka: The lightest variety which acts as a windcheater since the material is air and water proof, thus sealing the body heat from windy conditions. Easily foldable in small package…hence very appropriate for camping trips.

Fur lined parka jackets: Also called safari jackets, these have fur lined hoods and thin lining which are wind proof. The hoods protects the face from winds. Big pockets are provided to hold any accessories. Not suitable for icy weather.

Drawstring Parka: Best suited for rainy winters.

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