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Wrap dress: dress for all figures

Wrap dress: dress for all figures

The Wrap dress is a kind of dress having a front closure that is formed by wrapping the one side of it across the other. Then knotting the attached ties which usually wrap around the back of the waist or the fastening buttons. Doing this forms the V shaped neckline in front and hugs the wearer’s curves.

Another being the faux wrap dress resembles these designs, which comes fastened together at the back with no opening in the front panel. It is worn by slipping through the head. Wrap top is basically the same as a wrap dress but without a skirt. It is a top cut and constructed exactly the same way as the wrap dress. Wrap dresses gained their peak in the fashion in the mid of the 1970s and the late 1970s. But these gained the actual height in the late 1990s. After the wrap dress was reintroduced in 1997 by Von Furstenberg. There are various convertible wrap dresses too.

The wrap dresses are perfect pieces of dress for every body type. It gives a perfect shape to the body providing a curve to the body. No matter what the body type is, fat or thin, bulky or slim wrap dresses covers all the flaws of the body. It provides classic curves to your body.No matter you are after a mini, midi or a maxi. The Wrap dress is a kind of dress that is easy to wear, and it looks glamorous when carried with the high heels.

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