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All you need to know about wellington boots

All you need to know about wellington boots

Have you ever heard of wellington boots? Well, wellies have become a household name in almost any part of the world. They are worn by everyone, from school kids to farmers working on their farms. They are the most popular and versatile footwear items in the market today.

The first wellington footwear almost came into being by chance. In 1817, the First Duke of Westminster , while asking his shoemaker to modify his hessian boots ended up inventing a completely new set of boots that changed the world. The end result was a boot that was made with calfskin leather and had a low heel and a fitting around the calf. These new boots were comfortable enough for battles and were perfect everyday wear.

Ever since then, wellington boots have undergone various modifications and refinements resulting in one of the most preferred boot of all time. Most people have the perception that willies are meant for children during wet and rainy seasons. However, there are some situations that make willies invaluable. Most farmers who work and play in the countryside understand the true value of these boots. They prefer these boots since they are versatile. Other users of these boots include walkers, anglers, and countryside visitors.

For festival goers who mostly spend their summer in weekend tents, wellington boots are essential. They can be worn even when it is not raining since during the music festival the walking ground soon becomes muddy. These boots protect the feet and keep them warm and dry.

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