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Sexy curved fit women shirt

Sexy curved fit women shirt

Women shirt is a loose fitting garment that is for the upper part of the body, typically gathering at the waist or the hip in earlier days. But now women shirts are fitted shirt with a curved side that comes in at the waist level and then goes out both at the upper and the lower end to provide the figure line of the body of the shirt. This is also done to make space for the curvy hips and the busted (chest) area. Since it is a women shirt, therefore shoulders are cut narrow, and the sleeves are kept short in length and more fitted as when compared to the straight cut shirt.

The neckline is kept slightly scooping in front just to provide it a feminine look. Woman having the curved body and choosing a straight cut shirt should look for a piece that will fit her on her widest part. Woman wearing straight cut always go through a problem of fitting at the bust area and hip. As they look baggy most of the time in such cuts. In a curved shirt i.e., a fitted one automatically gives a narrow shoulder as women have narrow shoulder and curvy bust. With the curved bust, the shoulder automatically drops, which means it will hang down on the upper arms.

Fitted shirts for the women having the curved bodies are said to be the best shirts as they are very comfortable in wearing according to their body type. These shirts are normally made up of thin, transparent, little sturdy with stretchier fabric than the straight cut shirts.

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