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Fleece jackets are warm, light and comfortable

Fleece jackets are warm, light and comfortable

A fleece jacket is typically a casual lightweight warm jacket made of synthetic wool with a zipper in the front middle instead of buttons. It is not a weatherproof jacket but provides some thermal protection. It is made of polar fleece that is a combination of sheep wool and synthetic fibers.

The main purpose of a fleece jacket is its warmth as they are lighter in weight than their counterparts the woolen coat or jacket. A light weight fleece jacket will suffice in spring or fall season while the heavier ones can be worn in winters as they will allow the body heat to be trapped close to the skin. If the jacket is to be worn for some heavy physical exercise, you should ensure that the jacket will block the cold while providing adequate ventilation.  All fleece jackets are not water resistant but do provide protection against a light drizzle or snowfall. One great feature of this jacket is wind proofing so it is an excellent choice for walking or light exercise. Fleece jackets sometimes come with a hood and it is best to have additional warm lining at the neck and Velcro strips at the wrists to deal with icy winds and very cold weather.  Some fleece jackets come with no pockets or very shallow ones, but sometimes pockets for small items like keys or a cell phone are found at the waistline with zippers or flap to prevent the things from falling out. Jackets designed for winter sports or hiking have pockets on the arms and chest too.

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