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Buying the classic chelsea boots

Buying the classic chelsea boots

The main features of Chelsea boots is short, thin soles, pointed toes and no laces. These boots are short in the sense they conceal upto the ankle only. This style of boots is very popular among men as they offer flexibility and proper fitting. Since these boots do not have laces it is important to get the proper size for appropriate fitting and comfort.

Features of Chelsea boots

  • Rounded toes in the boots
  • They have an ankle length
  • The heels are not too high.
  • The two parts quarters and vamp of these boots are made from single and same piece of leather.
  • Quarters and vamp meet at the ankle which is joined by an elastic or vulcanized rubber.
  • These two parts are not stitched one over the other but are stitched in a single way under the ankle.

Tips for buying Chelsea boots

  • Chelsea boots provides flexibility at the panel on the sides. Therefore it is always advisable to get the proper size of the boots.
  • Always try the boots before buying and not completely rely on the size charts.
  • Beware of fake Chelsea boots. Some boots with zipper are sold as Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots have elastic and never zipper. Hence those with zippers are not Chelsea boots.
  • The upper section of the boots is made from leather in most boots while some others are made from suede.

Color options available in Chelsea boots

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Tan
  • Other less preferable colors like red, yellow, green blue

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