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Flying onto the street with a bomber jacket

Flying onto the street with a bomber jacket

The BOMBER JACKET is also known as ‘flight jacket’: the reason for this is not farfetched- this jacket type was originally designed for U.S airmen who regularly monitored [and faced off] the nation’s enemy in the skies. However, with fashion savvied designers catching and admiring this attire on aircrew, that which was always air bound, has been brought down to the ground and has now become a streetwise tunic: from the combat zone to the fashion world. Sport kit manufacturing companies have also followed the trend.


The BOMBER JACKET was originally [and most commonly] made with leather and it usually has come a long sleeves. Notwithstanding, there is now a change in the range of fabric used in making this jacket- it is not uncommon to common across the ones made with wool, khaki, cotton and even denim. The neckline can be as simple as giving a v-shape [when zipped up] or raised to give a round neck. As there exists the ones with zipper so are there those with buttons- options abound. Most of this jacket type, are made to end at the waistline, with a visible waist band.

Should you not rather turn out in style this winter?

Although the BOMBER JACKET might [with it being worn with an opened up] have been made to look explicitly like an all-weather tunic, the insulating effect it brings, makes this casual wear a perfect fit for the winter season. So, turn on the style complementing your vest and denim trousers with a BOMBER JACKET this winter.

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