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Your go-to guide on how to wear a fur vest the best way

Your go-to guide on how to wear a fur vest the best way

Thinking about what to wear this fall. How about the fur vest? They are great layering piece and add warmth without really suffocating you. On a side note, it’s also a nice, cozy looking statement item.

We here shall advice you how to incorporate your fur vest with the rest of your attire. Read on.

  • Pair up with the right top-wear
  • You won’t want to look over-the-top silly, do you? Pair up with the right top-wear with fur vest as a layering and off you go. Shirts snuggle right inside your fur vest. Might as well try chunky sweater or cardigan to go full fall dressing. Graphic-tees can add that chic look to your style.
  • Choose the best fit bottom-wear
  • Go for the washed jeans to create contrasting look. Try plaid button-downs and compliment with the right footwear. Maxi skirts can add that unexpected vibe to your dressing. Look for contrast with dark-light or light-dark combinations.
  • Add a nice pair of footwear
  • Pair up your fur vest with heels to add the simplest yet elegant look. Do look for knee-length boots if you are pairing your fur vest with skirts or shirt dress. Ankle boots too compliment the styling with it.
  • A nice little accessory
  • Add that icing on the top with a nice looking accessory. Wrap around a scarf or may grace a floppy hat. Keep a thin necklace to compliment your neckline. Even snuggle a bracelet on your hands.

That’s what we recommend the key to styling your fur vest the best way. What do you say?

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