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What’s the best way to wear wedge sneakers?

What’s the best way to wear wedge sneakers?

Sneakers have always been the ultimate go-to footwear to pair up with just about anything. What’s not to like about sneakers? And add height to it, marvelous. That’s what wedge sneakers are. Already dreaming about it, girls, ahem. Ever given thought how could you add extra glamour with these? We might just give you those tips right here. Go on.

  • Find the right bottom-wear
  • A lot goes into what you wear as your bottom-wear to give wedge sneakers the best look. Pair up with tight skinny jeans to create flair. A pair of leggings might do the same for you. You might as well try shorts or long skirts to create a contrasting look. Add the sleekness to your attire.
  • Get the right top-wear
  • It was meant to be, wasn’t it? Let’s talk about the top-wear after the bottom-wear done and dusted. A well-fitted t-shirt or tank tops look good with wedge sneakers. Might as well try the blouse or buttoned-down shirt for a casual weekend look. If you’re looking for some sort of formality, try on your brightly colored blazer.
  • Mix patterns and textures
  • Wear these wedge sneakers in tandem with your body attire. Colour and texture combination affects your overall look. For example, you might try bold colors with fair-colored dresses. Mix dark attires with faded-looking sneakers to compliment the look.

A last advice would be to keep down the accessories as simple as it gets to avoid looking bulky. Try these tips the next time you’re ready to roll on with your wedge sneakers.

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