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Look fabulous by black ankle strap heels

Look fabulous by black ankle strap heels

Black Ankle strap heels come in many variations; from thin straps to the thick ones, from single to multiple straps, from flat to six-inch heels. Although these shoes are elegant, they have the tendency to make your legs look shorter. While taller women may look good pulling off their looks with any models of ankle straps, some petite ones may have to choose to wear particular models to avoid the shoes from ruining their entire appearance.

  1. The bulky cage heel with its thick straps is best worn with short pants or minis, which show a lot of your legs. While this combo gives some wearers sexy looks, shorter women need to be careful when trying this combination. The chunky straps and heels don’t compliment shorter legs too much.
  2. Gladiator-inspired flat shoes wrap your ankle multiple times; this will be a problem for short legs and muscular calves since the straps will give the illusion of a shorter you. To create the illusion of longer legs, wear gladiator shoes with delicate straps and color that matches your skin tone. Combine these shoes with clothes whose hemlines above the knee or a maxi dress which covers most part of your leg.
  3. Wearing thin straps in light colors will prevent the illusion of a chopped leg at the ankle. Combine these also with hemlines above the knee. For different look, you can try wearing ankle strap shoes with cropped or rolled pants that fall just above the ankle or below the wider part of your calf.
  4. Another option is by wearing straps that hit below the ankle. As this model falls closer to the foot, you will spare one or two inches of additional length on your legs for visually longer legs.
  5. Ankle strap pumps are a great choice for formal occasions. Besides chic and feminine, the straps help you balancing your body when walking in high heels. Choose pumps with skinny straps to avoid the illusion of cut off legs and combine them with little black dress. If you are worried too much about your ankles, wearing black tights will help you pulling off a taller appearance and more slender ankles by creating a continuous line for your overall look.
  6. Ankle strap shoes with open toe are more wearer-friendly than the closed-toe models. When you are in doubt, which shoes you need to wear, go for open-toe ankle straps.
  7. Combine delicate ankle straps with capris or a sheath dress for creating simple silhouettes to your body.

While the footwear can make you wonderful, it is always necessary for you to be bold and carry yourself beautifully so that everything looks good.

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