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Look like an aristocrat with flat caps

Look like an aristocrat with flat caps

A flat cap is just a basic cap which is rounded in all sides except in the front side it is stiffened with a brim like structure. These pieces of fashion came out approximately in the 1700s from the Northern America and are still one of the main accessory items in the market. These caps are not gender specific which is one of the reasons why they don’t get filtered and are often used to pull off a formal attire. This a part of your outfit and more if seen from a fashion point of view. Contrary to the popular misconception of hats being just for the winters, these hats go well with both winters and summers. It also just enhances your casual looks if worn correctly. Often the materials used for these hats are cotton and polyester which also makes it into categorizing the genre of hats into a farmer cap. Just like any other apparel or parts of it, they also come in free sizes.

Realistic uses

Even though some believe that flat caps are a piece of functional clothing first and then such a big item of fashion, but they do have some practical and realist uses. To protect your head from thudding onto the things such as furniture or glass items or even rods above you. Your cap will alarm or cushion the bump rather than you actually bumping your head. One of the most obvious uses of a cap would to protect from the cold or the harsh wintry weather. There are some types of material make of a cap which provides protection from the heat and also to keep filth off yourself. One of the best uses and rare ones as people don’t tend to have it discovered yet, it can also be used for keeping the glare off from something that you’re trying to read. The brim part of your cap will help you keep away sun’s glare or any other breaching light.

Fascinating Types

There are types of these flat caps which are very fascinating if looked closely enough and understanding their making. For it has many types but of the main is a newsboy cap. Even though it is not really the same but it has some mutual features with it. The fabrics, materials, shapes and uses, all being the mutual reasons but where it differs is how it is sewn. A newsboy cap is sewn from the top where as a flat cap is sewn from the top. Other not so common types are duckbill, gatsby or even a driving cap. Even though there are etiquettes to follow while wearing these head covering pieces, they are the best to cover a bad hair day.

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