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Semi-formal dresses got you covered

Semi-formal dresses got you covered

The occasion falls in between formal and casual- could be a night out with the man of your heart; a birthday party or get together- you should ‘dress’ the occasion in SEMI-FORMAL DRESSES. They are also perfect for prom and they do not necessarily portray ‘sexiness’.


Made in different styles for ladies to pick according to their taste, SEMI-FORMAL DRESSES might come as a- one shoulder dress, strapless or a two- shoulder attire.

Most SEMI-FORMAL DRESSES are sleeveless and are usually above the knees but there exist those with sleeve [either double or single sleeve(s)].

Fabric used in making SEMI-FORMAL DRESSES include, but not limited to, chiffon, polyester, silk or velvet.

Let take a pip into some designer’s world of SEMI-FORMAL DRESSES:

  • Pleated chiffon sleeveless dress by BCB Generation ($138.00): looks quite simple but evokes elegance.
  • Floral pique cotton dress by Caroline Herrera (goes for $1790.00): now, this is really cool.
  • Lela Rose’s Embroidered silk and wool dress: Here is the one for the night out with the stars twinkling above the heads. Anticipating his proposal? -Go with this. He might end the night singing you some sweet melody like: [Remember this line]: “I’ve never seen you looking lovely as you did tonight…” Lest I forget, the cost is $2295.00

SEMI-FORMAL DRESSES [not dressing] are prevalently used in America. However, their popularity will continue in leaps and bounds throughout the world. Why?- They are celebrities favourite attire down the red carpet and film premiere.

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