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Shopping perfect school shoes

Shopping perfect school shoes

With the rush of going back to school, back to school shoe shops are flooded with parents and kids eager to buy their perfect pair of shoes. School shoes have never been fashionable. Having a glance at olden days  these were the humblest in back to school shopping list. Though the process of making shoes has improved, they remain as simple and plain as its always been. Major schools even today  opts for good old colors with no change. Usually for boys it’s a shoes with lace and T-bar shoes for girls.

Though the design of the shoe remains same, their cost varies from $40 to $130 and more. Parents when they spend good amount must think whether paying high gets them the best shoes.

Many podiatrists suggest that costly shoes may not always be the best one to buy and money sometimes may fetch you brand but not comfort.

Points to be taken into consideration:

  • Holding in hand there should exist a good resistance in the middle of the shoe when its twisted.
  • Shoes with softer heels are a big no  and they should be hard and do not twist when tried to.
  • The front sides of the shoes i.e. at the point where the ball of the feet be should be soft and flexible.

How to get the most for what you pay:

  • A shoe should not be very heavy. There are shoes which weigh almost 500gms, but according to podiatrists, wearing heavy shoes may cause posture problem. Also a shoe should not be as light as it can be folded to pocket size. Hence they recommend shoe must weigh moderately and must be comfortable to wear.
  • If your child is not having any problems like flat feet or knock knees, then a child would do well in any shoes bought to them. But if there exists problems then look for specialized shoes for particular problems.
  • Generally good brands like Clarks offer better support to the feet . Hence looking for better ones would be better.

Some thumb rules to be considered for better shoe:

  • It is always best to ask your kid on how new shoes they are feeling with than going by shop assistant who fits the shoe. If the kid says that he / she is facing problems then reconsider on buying the selected shoes. Kids should be able to walk freely and normally, there should not be any change in their walking style.
  • Always look for one thumb gap at the longest toe at the end of the shoe. Anything more or shorter gap may alter the walking of child.
  • The toe area of the shoe should be free enough to move toes freely.
  • Measuring child’s feet before buying a pair of shoes is must. If you visit more than one shop looking for shoes then measure child’s feet in all shops as each shop’s feet measurement may vary.

Buying shoes is now easy with these handy tips without worrying.  Going to school  back is now as much fun as buying new pair of comfortable shoes. Now it’s the time to say have you all happy back to school shopping!

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