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Silver heels: when glitz and glamour meet

Silver heels: when glitz and glamour meet

Something about the silver colour is that it gives off sparkling effect. So, whenever you wish to turn on the sparkles on a grand occasion- be wedding; a dinner; prom or some other ball- you have got to go get your SILVER HEELS. These shoes glitter real good and I love the electrifying effect that comes with them.

SILVER HEELS come in a variety of styles: from stilettos, ankle straps down to pumps, a lady’s glamour world is made.

Give it a thought: how you (as a bride) will turn out in your wedding gown with a silver complement to it OR having that flowery evening gown matching up with some SILVER HEELS: glamour is what ensues as attention is captured. If there is one article on you that should punctuate the night sky as you step, it is nothing but a pair of SILVER HEELS.

Check out some delectable collections here: www.simplydresses.com/promshoes/colors/silver

Some designs will definitely blow you away. Just wow! See for yourself: www.polyvore.com/silver_heels/shop?query=silver+heels [now this is where glitz and glamour intermingle]…explicit!


Heard of Mount Silverheels before? – The Mountain which is located in Colorado, U.S.A, did not come to name due to some wishful thoughts. The naming is in honour of a generous dance hall lady who loved to dance with silver shoes.

So, going for a balland desiring to leave an imprint in the sands of time? – Draw some inspiration from the ‘silverheel lady’- go dance with a pair of silver heels…step out with grace.

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