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Top 3, most obsessive vince camuto shoes

Top 3, most obsessive vince camuto shoes

“The minute I walked into those factories in Brazil, my eyes opened as wide as could be. I couldn’t believe the size of these factories — and that they were empty. With some infrastructure and money, I knew there was so much potential.” —– That was shoe guru Vince Camuto, who realized the potential of the shoe business back in the sixties. Since then there was no looking back. He is known for his ever popular creations, as the ‘American women’s footwear designer’.  Owning a Vince Camuto shoe is a pride for ones wardrobe. Today we will feature the three best Vince Camuto’s till date.

Dena Boot

They are those sober boots which are versatile in use. They are super comfortable, have a zip closure so they’re not loose and sloppy around the ankles but at the same time has a wide opening, to avoid those struggles. They have a matt finish which adds to its sobreness.The high heel and silver accents make the boot, quite glamourous to wear with skinny jeans!

Dira Bootie

Another popular collect of Vince Camuto shoes, this is a 5 inch pencil heel ankle boot, with a wedged one inch platform. Very sobre, can be worn for official meetings, but again goes well too, with skinny jeans because of the ankle height. In spite of having a 5 inch heel, it is a very comfortable shoe.

Jerell Bootie

Another exotic collection. These looks amazing with a skirt or dress, particularly when worn with black stockings. Because the top of the shoe dips down, it keeps legs looking super long. While they’re great for shorter hemlines and straight and boot cut jeans. A shoe for all-rounder.

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