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The latest in the world of compression shirts

The latest in the world of compression shirts

One of the latest developments in athletic shirt is what is known as the compression shirt. These are form fitting garments which are worn by athletes. Most of the times they are made from spandex material, can be quite similar to cycling wear. These garments were initially used to treat the patients of thrombosis or poor blood circulation. When scientists saw this they wondered on what else it can be used for and came up with sports-wear. This does make sense though imagine an athlete who is doing some long distance running. They would start feeling tired and the blood circulation may be affected. So when an athlete wears a compression garment then the blood circulation would be better and would help them complete the course in better way.  Athletes can make sure the power output is much better in these cases.

Let us look at some of the benefits of compression clothing

There are many different advantages of wearing the compression shirt and so we would take a look at a few of them. The main advantage is that it helps to keep the muscle warm and to prevent the strain in the muscles. The muscular strength and endurance also increases. The recovery time of the athlete also is reduced that would help keep the strength up. The other problem of chafing and rashes is also reduced because of the compression garment. The blood circulation is better and so the amount of fatigue is also reduced. The sweat also is absorbed or wicked away from the body.

The way the compression shirt is manufactured

Most of the compression garments are made from the fine denier yarns that are made from a blend of polyester and elastane. The elastane which is used for this allows the maximum amount of compression. The yarns which are used are also of high quality and this ensures that the garments never go out of shape and repeated wear and laundering doesn’t affect it as much as other garments. Most of the brands give you the compression clothing in small, medium and large. There are however many companies who base the garments on the BMI to get the best compression. Some of the manufacturers have incorporated special panels which focus on specific muscle groups. This would allow the best compression of that fact.

This is a fairly new technology however you would see that many people would need to go ahead and act differently and so you should be able to take care of the same. Decide on which muscle in your body needs more compression and then buy a gear based on this. This would help keep you comfortable.

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