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Wings for the baskeball: basketball sneakers

Wings for the baskeball: basketball sneakers

Basketball sneakers are the pair of shoes that is worn by the player while playing the basketball. A good pair of sneakers will help the player to sharpen their set of skills and thus reducing the chance of injury. Demand for basketball sneakers are more and at the same time it is very expensive too. The best sneakers come up with the full ankle support, traction and durability. There are three kinds of sneakers being with the tops stating high, mid and low.

Mid top sneakers are of ankle length and it provides the player leverage added movement. But they provide less stability as compared to the high top sneakers. And lastly, low top sneakers with the  least ankle support, but at the same time being the lightest among all. Lop top sneakers stands at the edge when the question comes at the speed and quickness. The Playing style of the player also decides the kind of sneaker needed by him/her.

Post players are required to wear the high top sneakers who bring in the paint area just because of the physical contact they are in. Such players need the stability at the ankle as the post positions demanded a very high frequency of jumping to the  basket and then landing. A ball handler can go with the low top as they have to push the ball on the fast break. And finally an all rounder player needs to go to the mid top as they are provided with good support and are not bulky.

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