Cream color being the pastel color to white is made by mixing a little of yellow to white, same as mixing white to red to form pink. Cream color is produced by the cattle grazing in the field of natural pasture with plants that are rich in yellow pigments. Among them, some are incorporated in light for giving the yellow tone to white. Cream shoes as light in color gets dirty very easily or rather one must say that dust is easily noticeable on cream shoes. If they get dirty, the best way to get them clean like light suede footwear is with the magic eraser. The eraser should be made wet and with the gentle hand scrub the dirty marks that are on the shoes. Keep on doing the same over the dirty marks till they have gone and do make sure that the eraser is deeply moist.

The bits of the white magic eraser may crumble on the cream shoes while scrubbing on the marks. But need not to worry; they can be brushed off easily later. After rubbing the  cream shoes should left to dry in the heated area. This is how one can easily clean the cream shoes and can be used again and again like a brand new shoe. In this way, they can last for many years if maintained in a proper way.  Cream shoes can be kept in supple, comfortable and smooth way just by honoring time and by applying professionally maintenance methods that are already proved.

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