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The infamous stripper shoes, not so infamous anymore!

The infamous stripper shoes, not so infamous anymore!

Clear heels or also famously called as stripper shoes are high heeled footwear which are made up of transparent material. Such pieces can sometimes have unique innovations following flashing lights or colored liquids. A more subtle romantic form of stripper shoes are Cinderella glass slippers which can be easily paired up for social events like proms or weddings. It also has been heavily utilized in fitness competitions and other pageant events. However stripper shoes are generally observed in more provocative forms and wear them up or down they will always be named as stripper shoes.

The shoes have also been famously tagged as nasty by many, but in reality there is a gradual shift of stripper shoes from being exclusively used in bedrooms to finding their way out to become popular sellers in the outside world.

Stripper shoes have also gained their infamous tag from its usage by pole dancers. There have been numerous instances of see-through slides being readily and easily used by pole dancers. However for obvious reasons experts generally recommend novice pole dancers to wear stripper heels with multiple straps to avoid the danger caused by the sheer size of the heels.

Stripper shoes were also looked down upon by a certain class of men and women alike due to its inherent nature of being associated with something notorious.

Despite of all such accusations, they are still immensely popular among all women for its original motto: the illusion that it creates of elongated legs which then creates an instant appeal for onlookers.

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