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The sunny day and the beach hats

The sunny day and the beach hats

On a sunny day if you are walking around town or on a day at a beach, a beach hat is one of the most important accessories in your bag. This would include the different clothes that you would have added to the list before leaving your home. There are different sunscreens which you would also need to carry as well. This is to make sure that you reduce the effects of sun on your face. The sunscreen would protect the face and hands to an extent; however what you should not do is to leave your face for the sun. This is where the sun hat comes into picture to save your face from the adverse effects of the sun.

The fun day under the sun

It is so much fun for everyone to go ahead and play in the sun. It is the every beachgoers dream to spend the whole day at the beach. There is not much necessity for anything else at the beach, because of the sun we would like to wear as little as possible. Well keeping all this in mind you should make sure that you remember about the UV rays which are quite harmful. This would ensure that your skin goes bad with exposure and even chances of cancer are quite high. This is the reason why you should look at coverage and something like a beach hat plays a very important part in this whole aspect. The best part is it also gives you a different level of style along with keeping you safe.

The shapes and sizes of the beach hat

There are many different kinds of beach hats which you would be able to find in the market. Some of the most common ones are made from straw. They would come in varying shapes and sizes. The straw would be blended with different colors to make it as bright and appealing as possible. The way these hats are made is quite interesting. The plant straws are weaved into hats with different designs. There is different steaming process which goes into making the straw soft. This is to allow the straw to be woven much easily. There are many untreated straw hats available as well to give you a natural look and with original colors.

There are different types of straw hats they are called the Raffia and the Double wheat. This difference is based on the materials in question. These are the most common ones and you would find a larger variety as well, however these are the two most commonly used ones as well. They would help keep the airflow going while keeping the wearer safe.

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