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Crochet hat for a cool chic look

Crochet hat for a cool chic look

On a cold winter day hats help to keep your ears and head warm, or even cover your hair on one of your bad hair days. Crochet hats are accessories that can complement any outfit and at the same time protect your hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun and keep the sunlight out of your eyes.

Crochet hats come in various styles, patterns and colors. The yarn used to crochet these hats can be cotton wool or sheep wool or for that matter any yarn would do. They can be either in a single color or a combination of two or more contrasting colors, and the crochet designs are varied. At times there are crochet flowers or a trimming of a contrasting color that makes the hat look quite stylish. These hats can be made like a beret, a hat or simply like a cap with a pompom. The granny square patchwork hat looks really cool. Slouchy crochet hats look great if there is a matching scarf or muffler worn alongside. A crochet owl hat or a monkey hat looks really cute for children with eyes, mouth, nose and tassels stitched on the hat.

Crocheting is a very easy technique and great fun too. Baby crochet hats are real fun to crochet .Crochet hats can also be great gifts if given to friends or family. While crocheting a hat, they are made about an inch smaller than the circumference of the head as that will help the cap to fit nicely on the head without it falling off.

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