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Make a fashion statement with high top vans

Make a fashion statement with high top vans

High top vans are an incredible and easy way to add a style quotient to your daily life. However, not everyone has the flavor to take advantage of these trendy shoes. We have some helpful tips, which can make you look effortlessly stylish with high top vans. In addition, we have listed down the occasions wherein these vans could come in handy.

  • If you are into skating, you must put the flat base of these high top vans to their good use. The flat sole of these vans helps in supporting the skates; thus, making the life of skate lovers easier.
  • In terms of the pants, you may enhance the look of these shoes by wearing skinny or distressed jeans. If you are not a fan of jeans, you may opt for military style cargos on top of these stylish shoes.
  • Puffy jackets, bandanas, baseball caps also go very well with these. These add an extra style to the overall look.
  • If you believe in creating your own style then you can buy white vans, and then paint in as per your choice. This will exhibit your unique style. You may use markers, as well, to add colors and designs to your shoes.
  • If you wish to experience the comfort of these high top vans in your formals, then you may wear completely black ones of these and show-off the stylish and comfortable look at your work place.
  • To the playful crowd, chukkas are becoming their favorites. They have the paddings to support and provide protection; this gives you a sense of freedom without being worried about shoe-bites or other discomfort.

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